We can successfully address a wide range of conditions and disorders in an all natural and wholistic way.  Our methods of testing and therapeutic procedures are all painless and noninvasive.  Tests such as autonomic nervous system testing, urine and saliva testing, and kinesiological testing provide deep insights into how one is responding, recovering, and adapting to all of life’s challenges.

Our treatment programs include a very specialized form of non-needle acupuncture known as Colorpuncture which applies an acu-light pen with colored glass tips gently to the skin.  It uses the acupuncture system and known skin reflex points as pathways to transmit the vibrational healing power of colored light frequencies.  Traveling through the atomic structures of the cells Colorpuncture applies the scientific principle of “resonance”  to restore malfunctioning systems and reverse cellular damage and other pathological conditions and to help balance emotional states.  In essence, known concepts of light physics and the geometry of the body  are used to positively affect chemistry and physiology.  This ground breaking form of therapy is often combined with homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition, and essential oils for even faster, greater, and long lasting results.

By clicking the Examination and Testing tab on the Home Page you will get detailed explanations of a few of the more  important tests we perform at this center and how they will benefit patients.  By clicking on Treatment Modalities you will understand how we provide highly effective, revolutionary treatment programs that cannot be easily found elsewhere.

The tests and procedures utilized at this office are immediately aimed at treating the symptoms and complaints that are your primary concern.  But just as importantly they are also geared to address underlying root causes.  Signs and symptoms are the body’s way of communicating that there are long standing imbalances in the biological, biochemical, and bioenergetic control systems within the body.  Illness and disease, for the most part, doesn’t just happen.  They develop over time and finally express themselves as symptoms.

Health is about more than how we feel and detecting and addressing these imbalances both before and after symptoms appear allows for greater success and long term prevention.  Ultimately, your body heals itself and when you provide the right conditions and supply the right tools your health will prosper.

We welcome and thank you for choosing us to provide your pediatric and family holistic healthcare. We are deeply committed to the principle that “your health is your wealth”.  A healthy body and a balanced mind empowers all that you do in life and provides the opportunity for  a complete expression of your innate potential.  Health is our most valuable asset and when nurtured and managed properly pays us priceless dividends on a daily basis.

We look forward to helping you achieve these goals.

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